About Squires

After many years looking after my large family (no mean feat!) and being in charge of sourcing all things a family needs from love, security, food, clothes, cars, holidays, as well as making sure houses are clean, children are happy, homework, is done, maintenence work and decorating is sorted, gardens are kept lovely, oh and not to forget taxi-ing and being on call for any medical concerns 7 days a week! I have decided to put my combined life skills and professional skills as a qualified teacher towards my exciting new business venture.


I have identified a gap in the market in our area for the supplying of good quality hanging baskets and bedding plants. I have extensively researched our suppliers to obtain for you the highest quality hanging baskets and plants at a very competitive price. I feel that hanging baskets are a fantastic and instant way of brightening up any outside space and create and instant good feeling of sunny days and summertime. 

Flowery Car