Late Summer and Autumn Plants our Recommendations

Here is a question that we get asked regularly. What plants do well in shade? Well, here we are going to celebrate Astrantias also known as Masterwort or Hattie’s Pincushion. These beautiful flowers that gently bob their heads in a happy dance, will make a great addition to a shady boarder. They come in a variety of colours from white, to soft pinks, to dark and vibrant burgundy and their soft rounded heads are held on a wiry branched stem. They are a fully hardy perennial (which means that they will come back every year) will tolerate harsh frosts and generally a good all-round plant. These little beauties flower from summer through to late autumn so if you get them in now, you can still enjoy them in an empty spot this year. They are also great for pots and tubs if they are kept well-watered. They seed easily meaning you may have them pop up in unexpected spots in the garden and you can also divide them in autumn to grow them elsewhere.

Asters also known as Michaelmas Daisy (Michaelmas being traditionally 29th September) also make excellent late summer and autumn plants and bring delightful beauty to your garden when some of the summer flowers are beginning to fade. They have lovely daisy like star shaped flower heads and come in a variety of colour from white to pink to purple and are great for adding height to a boarder. This perennial is also great in a shady boarder.

Achillea are another great perennial for adding colour at this time of year. Achelleas have a soft fern like foliage and have strikingly brightly coloured, flat almost plate like flower heads. They are a superb addition for attraction insects and pollinators as they have an easy landing platform especially for hoverflies and butterflies.

Late summer, merging into early autumn is a beautiful time in the garden with late warm sunshine and Indian summers which brings with it a stillness and bountiful mellowness that is perfect. Celebrate your lovely spaces. :)

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