Damask Aquamarine is inspired by the ever changing shades of a clear aquamarine sea - picked out by a glimmer of coral pink and electric yellow. Arabesque swirls of cool green and azure blue are set against a complementary sea blue background, edged with a delicate white screen printed detail. Green, pink, blue and yellow tissue paper inserts add zest to an intensely rich and layered palette. Intricately screen printed by hand using natural pigments and traditional over-layering techniques, each of its 5 points is punctuated with tiny pinpoints of electric yellow tissue to add a delicate touch - and minute perforations create a striking glimmer.

The finest of details are delicately etched against a powerfully rich background to create a beautifully decorative Arabesque ceiling shade that will bring a rich ambience to any space. Hang this 5-tipped star light shade in a window for a beautiful display at Christmas and pair up with the larger sized Deluxe Damask Aquamarine for a truly spectacular Christmas statement piece! Swap an electric light bulb for a hanging LED light or fairy lights if there is no power source.

Damask Aquamarine Paper Star Light

  • Star Lantern Style: Damask

    Paper Weight: 170 GSM

    Star Point Length: 30cm

    Star Paper Colour: Aquamarine

    Number of Star Points: 5

    Total Star Size: 60x60cm