With a scarlet base and 40 beautiful stained-glass effect tissue paper inserts, Firework Red is a 5-tipped hanging paper star lampshade that explodes with dramatic sparkle, vibrancy and colour. Whirling Catherine wheels of rich violet and bright blue fizz against a rich scarlet background, while over 1000 tiny perforations create an alluring twinkle and cast atmospheric patterns of light on walls and ceiling.

This hand-made and hand-printed paper star lantern is richly decorative and is at home anywhere that welcomes a bold vibrant play of colour. It also looks fantastic displayed in a window for Christmas or Halloween and makes a stunning party light for a festival camp - swap an LED light for an electric bulb if there is no power source.

Firework Red Paper Star Light

  • Star Lantern Style: Firework

    Paper Weight: 170 GSM

    Star Point Length: 30cm

    Star Paper Colour: Red

    Number of Star Points: 5

    Total Star Size: 60x60cm