We all look out for Venus, the second brightest light in the night sky after the Moon. Venus is both the Evening Star and the Morning Star and shines with a constant reassuring brightness which is always comforting to spot. Like their namesake, our new ‘Venus’ 7-tipped paper star lanterns glimmer with a mesmerising brilliance and cast a beautiful atmospheric glow, ideal for bedrooms, parties and chillout spaces.

Venus Sunrise Orange is a striking orange hand-made paper star lampshade which glows with the intensity of a spectacular summer sunrise. Whether used as a pendant ceiling lamp shade or a decoration for parties and events, this hand-printed 7-tipped paper lantern creates an uplifting ambience and brings an air of celebration to any space. Get ready to party as light twinkles through hundreds of tiny star-shaped perforations to create a hypnotic display of starry shapes on the ceiling, walls, or window glass. Its vibrant tone also makes it perfect for festivals and parties in outdoor spaces and marquees - substitute an LED light for an electric bulb if there is no power source. Choose Venus Sunrise Orange and pair it up with Venus Twilight Violet for a truly spectacular Halloween display!

Venus Orange Paper Star Light